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does your logo need some work?

We know that money is tight with new business start ups and that your focus may be on a million different things so its not surprising that many new businesses forget all about their logo and throw something together at the last minute in word or powerpoint.

Your logo is often the first impression people get of your business so its vital it represents you well in your market place. An unprofessional design can lose you business before you even get a chance to get your point across.

Having a logo and design that represents you in a professional manner is one of the most important aspects of any new business start up. Here at scissorspapertone we can help you get a logo design that gives you a head start over those people who don't yet see that value of good design.

There are many reasons successful companies invest allot of time and money into their logos and corporate image.... it's no secret, the fat is it really matters.

it doesn't cost as much as you might think?

We offer various design packages to help you create the corporate image your company deserves. For as little as £49 we can detox your brand or create something original and fantastic whether your based in a basement office in Salford or you have a penthouse office in Canary Wharf!

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